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An all-star introduction to your best brows and lashes
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$22.00 $17.60
Superfine-tipped detailing pen that creates natural-looking brow hairs.
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$23.00 $18.40
Ultra-slim, retractable eyebrow pencil for detailing.
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$21.00 $16.80
Waterproof eyebrow pomade to fill and detail brows.
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$23.00 $18.40
Triangular tipped retractable eyebrow pencil.
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$30.00 $24.00 $43 Value
Brow kit of DIPBROW® Gel, Brow Wiz® and Clear Brow Gel.

Tapered, angled eyebrow brush to apply DIPBROW® Pomade.

Firm, angled eyebrow brush to fill and detail brows.

$25.00 $41 Value
Must-haves to create and lock down natural-looking brows
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$25.00 $20.00 $32 Value
The perfect brow combo for naturally detailed brows.

$29.00 $54 Value
3 pro brow essentials for volume, definition and finish
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$27.00 $21.60 $45 Value
Exclusive brow kit with Brow Wiz® and Clear Brow Gel.

Natural & Polished Brow Kit
Add a Brush for $10
$49.00 $107 Value
Limited-edition 3-Piece Brow Kit with three free gifts
50% OFF

$24.00 $12.00 $32 Value
Brow kit featuring Brow Wiz® and Mini Clear Brow Gel

Learn More About Brow Detailing

ABH’s brow product lineup includes high-quality, easy-to-use products made specifically for detailing the brows with expert precision. Use the award-winning, ultra-thin Brow Wiz® to easily create hairlike strokes through the brow for a natural-looking finish. Use the fine edge of Brow Definer to create hairlike detail for a balanced brow look. Pair waterproof DIPBROW® Pomade with Brush 12 to create super-thin hair strokes in areas of sparseness throughout the brow.

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