The limited-edition Amrezy Palette boasts 16 all-new, all-Amrezy shades. Filled with classic nudes, playful rosy tones, and seductive smoky hues, theses mattes, metallics, and glitter finishes form a versatile palette capable of taking you from go-to daytime to ultra-glamour.

This palette marks the third collaboration with Amra, the first of which launched way back in 2014 — before influencer collaborations were even commonplace. The success of that initial palette was incredible for several reasons, namely establishing ABH as more than the Originators of Brows and paving the way for the brand to be known for color as well. The second collab launched in February 2018, a champagne gold highlighter that created brilliant shine and soon became a viral phenomenon.

Encapsulating her intensity and her charm, this third collaboration is the next chapter in bringing the unmistakeable glammed personal style of Amrezy to life.



“I wanted to make a palette that had every shade you would need for any mood, any occasion. It comes with your everyday neutrals, your pinks for when you’re feeling flirty, and your smoky shades to kick things up a notch. This one palette is my new go-to for creating any look I can dream up.”

— Amrezy

Amrezy took to her Instagram stories to chat through the new palette, noting the importance of including rich, blendable neutrals for creating perfect creases (warm orange-brown New Yawker, cooler browns OG and 1998, and plummy Yugo), plus an intense, pigmented black (BK) to add dimension along lash lines.

Amra also shared that the bold mulberry pink Semsa is named after her mother, and was created to coordinate perfectly with the palette's metallic pinky hues like Rezy, Barb, Anastasia, and Waisted.

“The names are all personal to Amra, as always. She represents New York always, her roots (Montenegro), and the people in her life she loves. You may think I am missing from the name lineup, but we have a code language in there twice. ‘Cupcake’ is what I call Amra and ‘Gorgina’ is what she calls me, a play on Norvina. I even named one of our lashes that and, surprise, it’s my favorite style.” —Norvina



“@Amrezy wanted lots of sparkle. Her keyword during development was BARBIE” —Norvina

The Amrezy Palette debuts an exciting, all-new pressed glitter formula in shades Litty and Gemini. For best results, apply pressed glitter shades using Glitter Adhesive. Using Glitter Adhesive’s brush applicator, apply a sheer layer directly onto the skin. Then, load glitter onto a flat synthetic brush and quickly press glitter into the adhesive until desired intensity is achieved.

If you don’t have Glitter Adhesive: Lightly pick up glitter using a flat synthetic brush and spritz the brush with Dewy Set Setting Spray before applying. Then, apply using pressing motions until desired intensity is achieved.



• Light pressure is required when picking up pressed glitter shades.

• For self-application, you can apply the pressed glitter with your fingertips using a pressing motion.