The mystique of Old Hollywood glamour was built into the bones of Palm Springs. Elvis honeymooned here. Sinatra’s custom compound was the stage for most of his turbulent marriage to Ava Gardner. Gene Autry was such a popular figure in the city, that today he’s immortalized with a larger than life bronze statue. The city even has its own star walk of fame down the main boulevard.

Flamingo- Modernism Week
Modernism Week- House with Pool

And even as the real Hollywood has changed with the times, something of the Old Hollywood remains embedded in everything Palm Springs. It’s still an oasis from a metropolitan center, just past the windmills and nestled in the shadow of the mountains. It’s a nod to dinner parties with the neighbors, building projects chasing an idealized version of the future, and a land of dry, perpetual sunshine while sitting poolside. It’s a desert town that is quintessentially all it’s own in personality and style.


Highlighting mid century modern architecture, art, interior and landscape design, and vintage culture in the Palm Springs area of Southern California, Modernism Week is an 11 day festival that takes over the city every February. Each October, a highly anticipated 4 day preview gives a taste of what’s to come, opening up private residences to the public, hosting sunset cocktail series, and even this time around putting on a mid century ‘cul de sac experience’ block party. It’s an event definitely worth putting on your calendars.


Want to keep the mid century modern vibe going all year long? We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite products that fit the color, mood, and tone of the period.



Modernism Week- Green Featured Home
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Moderism Week colors 1

1. Smoke - Ultra-Matte | Charcoal Brown, 2. Warm Taupe - Ultra-Matte | Warm Soft Brown, 3. Birkin - Ultra-Matte | Warm Beige Mauve, 4. Bling-Satin | Diamond White with Light Pink Sparkle, 5. Gold Bar-Shimmer | Cool Yellow Gold with Pearl



 Modernism Week- Diner
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Moderism Week colors 2
Photo: @modernism_week Location: @sandshotelspa

1. Baby Cakes-Ultra-Matte | Pastel Pink, 2. Ballet-Metallic | Seashell Pink, 3. Belize-Satin | Sandy Taupe



 Anastasia Beverly Hills- Moderism Week colors 3
Moderism Week- Trolley

1. Blanc-Ultra-Matte | Snowy Ivory, 2. Custard-Ultra-Matte | Warm Sand, 3. Prussian Blue-Titanium | Reflective Peacock Blue



Modernism Week- Blue Featured Home
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Moderism Week colors 4

1. Aqua-Shimmer | Light Seafoam Blue, 2. Warm Taupe - Ultra-Matte | Warm Soft Brown, 3. Custard- Ultra-Matte | Warm Sand, 4. Soft Gold-Shimmer | Light Gold with Platinum Flecks, 5. Bone-Ultra-Matte | Ivory



 Modernism Week- Retro Look with Car
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Moderism Week colors 5

1. Vanilla-Velvet | Buttery White, 2. Victorian-Metallic | Antique Silver, 3. Fresh Green-Shimmer | Minty Green with Sparkle



 Modernism Week- Vintage Store Palm Springs
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Moderism Week Orange Living room
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Moderism Week colors 6

1. Hot Chocolate-Ultra-Matte | Warm Dark Brown, 2. Realgar-Ultra-Matte | Burnt Orange, 3. Fresh Peach-Velvet | Coral Peach, 4. Bengal-Velvet | Warm Peachy Brown, 5. Orange Soda-Ultra Matte | Pastel Peach



Modernism Week- Yellow Featured Home
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modernism Week color 6

1. Comfort-Satin | Antique Copper, 2. Amber-Titanium | Rich, Multi-dimensional Gold, 3. Gold Rush-Metallic | Warm Gold, 4. Peach Sorbet-Metallic | Sultry, Rose Champagne, 5. Legend-Shimmer | Buttery Gold with White Reflect