Coco Chanel & Champagne

Words to live by: Coco Chanel & Champagne



In this recurring column, Anastasia shares her favorite collected quotes and wisdom. Today, it’s the infamous Coco Chanel – plus, we check in with a Champagne expert on how exactly how to pick the perfect bubbly.



Champagne is no longer limited by the singular ‘celebratory beverage’ description, or something to solely sip on hot-weather days (particularly the sparkling rosé). Over the last few years, its popularity has risen significantly in the United States. It is being turned to as an alternative for its (maybe surprising) versatility with food pairings. Whether you love a bold style or tend to dry and lean, choosing the best Champagne for your tastes needn’t be an intimidating task.

Let’s start with the most important question – ‘What are you trying to achieve?’ It could be choosing something easy-drinking and crowd-pleasing. Or maybe it could be a special experience to share with your partner. By setting a budget and knowing your goal, your search immediately narrows.

A trusted wine store will come to be invaluable. Often times, e-commerce stores stock their wines in cellar temperature rather than room temperature, which can negatively the quality of any wine.

Always be willing to take a chance on something new – and just trust your palate to tell you how you like that Champagne. Keep track of what you’ve tried, your likes and dislikes, and have that information handy when communicating with your wine guru.

One more tip - investing in a nice, white wine stemware – not Champagne flute stemware – will help take your experience to the next level.




Read on for President of Sage Society Liz Lees’s seasonal wine picks

NV Pierre Péters Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Cuvée de Réserve



It’s Really Hard To Go Wrong With This 100% Grand Cru Chardonnay Champagne. It Has An Inherent Complexity On The Palate Thanks To The Addition Of At Least 40% Reserve Wine To The Blend.



NV Demiére-Ansiot Blanc de Blancs Champagne

An absolute knockout! Blows the doors off most vintage Blanc de Blancs with ease and assuredness.




NV Pierre Gerbais Extra Brut Grains de Celles Rosé

It’s A Steal, And Affordable For The Quality It Offers. Gerbais Is One Of The Visionary Winemaker In Aube, Where The Geology Of The Vineyards Is Much Like Those Of Burgundy. There Is An Incredibly Pure, Precise, Restraint, And Age-Worthiness From The Old Vines. Plus, This Champagne Will Carry You Through The Entire Meal From Appetizers To Entrée.




NV Krug Champagne Brut Rosé


Celebrated For Their Achievements In The Art Of Blending, House Of Krug Makes One The Most Remarkable Rosé Champagnes Around. Get This! Current Edition, Edition 21eme, Is Made From A Selection Of 57 Wines, The Youngest Of Which Dates Back To 2008 And The Oldest To 2000. A True Testament To The Art Of Blending




Liz Lee