Anastasia Agenda: Launching in Romania



Anastasia Soare journeyed home for a very momentous occasion — introducing Anastasia Beverly Hills to Sephora Romania. No detail was spared in anticipation of her homecoming: news outlets broadcasted teasers of interviews, posters were plastered around the city, and Sephora Romania decked out spaces with “Sephora loves Anastasia” and “#BrowForTheQueen” iconography.



The day of the event, Anastasia arrived by black car before she was met and escorted to the main event. Descending from an escalator, she greeted a cheering crowd of hundreds. Anastasia spent the afternoon speaking about her journey, performing brow demos on stage, and posing for photos with every single attendant.


“I can’t even begin to put fully into words what this moment meant to me - the welcome, the warmth, the love radiating fiercely from the community. I was floored. I felt like my heart could burst, to be back here, doing exactly this. At this point in my life, my time lived in Romania and my time lived in the United States is equally split. I’ve found myself reflecting on what each has given me: resilience, drive, endurance from my homeland, and then a place to put it all into motion and carve out a space for myself. I’m living the American dream because of my Romanian roots. I am thankful every day, but especially today.”

— Anastasia Soare


Andreea Esca, prominent Romanian journalist and personality, interviewed Anastasia twice over the course of her visit. Once in front of a live audience as part of the Sephora Romania launch event, and another on her own radio program.

During that broadcasted interview, Andreea lined up several surprise guest appearances. Calls came in from Norvina to field questions about what it was like watching her mother becoming the self-made businesswoman she is regarded as today. Anastasia’s own mother came on the phone as well, reflecting on Anastasia’s childhood and her perpetual sense of determination that has carried her on this journey.


Pre-recorded messages came from longtime clients and dear friends, Kris Jenner and Oprah Winfrey. Arranged completely without Anastasia’s prior knowledge, she originally thought she was being pranked. But both friends offered their heartfelt congratulations for the special occasion, commenting on Anastasia’s inspirational personage, her dedication to hard work, and the sheer specialness of being able to return home in such a magical way.


“I haven’t been able to step out of the heady, wonderful dream that was my time in Romania. There is nothing else in the world that replicates the feeling of going home. To step onto the ground from where your roots began to grow, to feel the rush of memory and nostalgia, to feel the journey of all the previous you’s that brought you to this moment. I never would have dreamt that my work would bring me home in such a way, that I would be introducing my products, my passion, to my home country. I cannot thank @sephoraromania enough for this opportunity. It was a wish come true to see Anastasia Beverly Hills launched in Sephora Romania. A beautiful moment that I will never forget.”

— Anastasia Soare


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