We’ve all walked into a store, saw a foundation on display, convinced ourselves it was a perfect match and then threw it in our shopping basket without a second thought — only to arrive home and find out the foundation that looked so perfect in the bottle looks anything but perfect on your face. If the name wasn’t clear enough, foundation is the product that sets the stage for the rest of your makeup look — which means there’s quite a bit of pressure to pick the right one. With so many options, it shouldn’t be hard to find just the right match — as long as you know what you’re looking for. 

This week on The Arch, we’re talking all things foundation. Whether you’re searching for the perfect match for your skin tone or hoping to add new formula to your arsenal, these tips will tell you everything you need to know about choosing the right foundation for you.




If you’ve ever stepped foot in Sephora, you know there’s no shortage of different types of foundation. So much so, it can feel daunting walking up and down the aisles, surveying a seemingly endless array of options. Should you choose a liquid formula or powder? Do you need full coverage or something a bit more buildable? When trying to choose the right foundation for you, there are a few things you want to keep in mind: your skin type and the level of coverage you desire.

The first thing you’ll want to think about is your skin type. If you have dry skin, you’ll probably do better with a moisturizing foundation to help prevent the look of flakiness throughout the day. If you have oily skin, you may want a foundation with a mattifying finish to help keep your oily T-zone at bay. Once you’ve decided what formula with work best with your skin type, you’ll then want to determine what kind of coverage you’re looking for.


Much like you have an outfit for every occasion, your foundation needs may vary day to day. If you’re a fan of the no-makeup makeup look, opt for a medium-coverage foundation that goes on lightly and allows you to build more coverage as you go. A medium-coverage foundation like Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation is great for beginners because the lightweight foundation allows for a fool-proof application.

If you’re looking to mask blemishes or have mastered the art of medium-coverage foundation and are looking to take your makeup skills to the next level, then you might want to opt for a full-coverage foundation. Full-coverage foundations, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, offer buildable, complexion-perfecting coverage with a natural-looking matte finish. We love Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation because the easy-to-apply creamy face makeup stick is a multitasking complexion perfector— letting you achieve everything from concealing to highlighting to contouring—and it’s also ideal for on-the-go touch-ups.




Choosing which type of foundation is only half the battle. Once you’ve found a formula and coverage level that matches your needs, it’s time to pick the shade that best matches your skin tone. You may be tempted to walk into the store and start swatching samples right away, but who knows how long it’ll take to come across your perfect match? With a few tricks of the trade, we can help you identify the perfect match faster than ever.

Before you even head to the store, you’ll want to identify your skin’s undertone. All skin tones have natural colors that lie underneath the surface of the skin, or an undertone. There are three traditional undertones: cool, warm and neutral. An easy way to determine your skin’s undertone is to look at the veins on your inner wrist. Blue/purple veins indicate a cool undertone. Green/olive veins indicate a warm undertone. Blue/green veins indicate a neutral undertone. For best results, be sure to study your skin tone and undertone while in natural lighting

Now that you’ve identified your undertone, it’s time to head to the store. When you arrive, choose a few foundations that most closely match your skin tone and undertone and begin to swatch. Because you’re in a store where tons of other people are touching the products, we recommend swatching foundation on your wrist. If you’re unsure if a foundation is the right match for you, ask for the help of one of the makeup artists one staff.



Even though foundation and bronzer are both attributed to creating flawless-looking complexions, there are some pretty significant differences between their formulas and how they’re used. Foundation is makeup that typically comes in a liquid, powder or cream formula and is used to even out the complexion and create a base upon which to apply other complexion products. Because the primary purpose of foundation is to create smooth, even base, it is applied and blended all over the face using a foundation brush or the makeup tool of your choice.

Bronzer, on the other hand, is used to mimic sun-kissed warmth and amp up your natural (or not-so-natural) tan. Many makeup artists suggest only applying bronzer to the perimeter of the face, much like how the sun warms your cheeks and forehead first. Apply bronzer to the cheekbones, jawline and chin, forehead and temples, and neck and chest area. Bronzer is also great at adding some much-needed warmth to the rest of your body. Sweep some bronzer across your décolletage and down the front of your legs for a fresh-off-the-beach radiant look.


The best thing about foundation and bronzer is how well they work together. For a natural-looking, sun-kissed complexion, we recommend applying Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation in your matching shade all over your face. After you’ve blended your foundation, use a large tapered powder brush to sweep a bronzer like Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer across the perimeters of the face to complete the look.

Whether you’re searching for a full-coverage foundation or complexion products with buildable medium coverage, we have everything you need to create a flawless complexion every day! Looking for the latest in brow-enhancing makeup and brushes? Check out our line of award-winning brow products and salon-quality brushes and tools. Then enter the world of color and check out Anastasia Beverly Hills’ newest products.