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Beauty Balm


Beauty Balm is the introduction to the future of skincare for ABH. I wanted to create something that bridges the gap between ABH and the clean customer, the intent is to welcome that customer while still being ourselves. Beauty Balm is not a 
stick foundation; it is literally tinted skin care in a stick for the first time ever. It has all the same attributes as a BB cream, 
while being in a stick form that makes it super easy to apply
at home or on-the-go. Think of it like a skincare-makeup
hybrid, it is a treatment product that happens to be tinted. It’s 
the easiest, simplest makeup that makes you look great in
two seconds. The portable component really caters to quick
and easy application. You can literally apply it in the car, it’s
that easy. You just apply it directly to skin and blend with 
fingertips, it’s like applying skincare, no brush required. It 
gives you a natural, fresh-faced look, truly the perfect ‘no 
makeup makeup’ product. I can’t wait for you to try it.”


Beauty Balm on model


Introducing a first-of-its-kind skin tint — a serum boosted formula providing sheer-to-light coverage. Packed with 8 skin-loving ingredients, it delivers a natural finish and serious care for your skin! 


We know you’ll love it, but here’s a few reasons why… 

  • Hybrid formula fuses skincare & makeup

  • Sheer-to-Light coverage

  • Natural, barely-there finish

  • 18g Fill weight

Beauty Balm worn on three models


Our formula is dermatologist-tested and free of fragrance, phthalates, mineral oil, TALC, sulfates and paragons. The result: A formula you can feel good about. 

Achieve undercover makeup with 8 skin-loving ingredients for a natural finish & serious care.

  • HA+ Microspheres - Help to smooth fine-lines and wrinkles. 
  • Peptide Complex - Helps to deliver youthful skin.  
  • Fatty Acids - Help to protect and restore. 
  • Collagen-Stabilizer - Helps to moisturize for a smooth effect.  
  • Coconut Oil - Helps to restore for radiant-looking skin. 
  • Shea Butter - Helps to add softness and hydration. 
  • Marula Oil - Helps to nourish with powerful antioxidants. 
  • Jojoba Seed Oil - Helps to soothe and moisturize.


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