Words To Live By: Gratitude




Sometimes I think that gratitude is one of those emotions that gets swept behind other more boisterous and reactionary emotions - a rush of joy, a surge of anger, the tick of irritation. To be certain, you can be overwhelmed by gratitude suddenly, but what I admire most about it is the way it fills you to the brim, overflowing and bursting. You stand still in time, in recognition of all the people and circumstances that are yours to appreciate in the moment. At its most intense, it feels as though a state of reverence. 


I try to remember to embrace being filled with gratitude daily, but sometimes the pace of life prevents consistency. This is why I’m thrilled for any extra excuse to reflect on the feeling more closely. This Thanksgiving, there was a lot for me to be thankful for. I was able to gather my family for an exquisite meal, cooked by my longtime friend and talented chef, Beth Ginsberg. There’s no feeling in the world like sharing food and laughter with my family. Just a few days later, we had a new life to show gratitude for, when my cousin Luca had her baby! And of course, I’m filled with boundless gratitude for the ABH community. This work has connected us in ways I could never have dreamed, and I am beyond grateful to share my passion for brows with each of you. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you find new ways to invite gratitude into your lives.