January Horoscopes: From Patrick Lewis


January Horoscopes from Anastasia's own resident astrologist, Patrick Lewis, are in! Read on to see what the month has in store for you.



Everything is moving ahead now - it’s time for you to go after what you want. Take every advantage that is in front of you, and move your Life to a higher level of success. Aries is all about movement, action, and exploring new possibilities, so don't put things off. Keep looking for every opportunity that comes before you. 

hr   Taurus

You are always a kind, sweet, good-natured person - but it’s time for you to get ambitious about your future. What do you want? Put things in order and organize your Life. It’s time for you to impact and affect the world around you. No one is more stubborn then you are when you fix your mind upon a project. So fixate that mind and make things happen. 

hr   Gemini

You’re a thinking, communicative person, always analyzing and sharing your ideas with others. With Mars in Aries this month, it is time for you to take action and spread your talent all over the world around you. Form new partnerships, or get a new job. Talking with people is the way you make things happen. Sharing and working together brings you success.

hr   Cancer

You are the caretaker of the Universe. You're intuitive and should always follow your gut about everything. If you feel anything within yourself, then there is something going on. You like things safe and secure, and this month there may be some craziness around you. Think and analyze you inner feelings, and take care of your responsibilities.

hr   Leo

You’re all about go, go, go, and win, win win. This is an action month for you. The only limitations upon you will be the ones you place on yourself. Think Big, make larger decisions. This year is the time for you to go much higher in the sky of achieving and accomplishing what you want in your Life.  

hr   Virgo

You always like things in order. This month, organize and plan out everything you need. Take things one day at a time. Make sure everything is correct and right and functioning well. It's time for you to expand your responsibilities and take upon more obligations. Being correct and right is everything for you - no order, no success! No one is perfect, but most of the time you are right on!

hr   Libra

Time to focus upon your responsibilities. You like things in balance and everything to be in harmony. People usually love and accept what you think, say, and do. It is time to become more Self-Centered, and focus upon what you want. You are usually too kind, sweet, and giving. You'll never be a terrible person, but it is time to bring your Life back into more balance. To do that, focus upon yourself.

hr   Scorpio

You like things under control. I find that people like you don't use the power they were given. This is when you go within yourself and make a deep, inner commitment. It is very powerful, and your commitments do come true. So venture within yourself, make that deep, inner commitment, then release it to the power of the Universe. 

hr   Sagittarius

You are one of the most honest, straight-forward people in the Universe. You hate liars, thieves, and cheats. So start correcting these problems in your Life. The world around you is expanding, and it is time for you to be in control of what you want. When you are unhappy, there is no change in your Life. But when you are happy, movement and action around you abounds. 

hr   Capricorn

The planet Saturn is in its ruling Sign, Capricorn. You like things to be successful, working well, and in order. Saturn is ambition, and it is time for you to expand your mind to a higher level of awareness. This is where you make new decisions and advance your ambitions. A new future is ahead of you.

hr   Aquarius

You are a communicative, free person who likes running your own show.  This year, your ambitions will expand and you'll start a new path before you. Between now and April, all kinds of new opportunities will appear before you. Your job will be to take every opportunity that comes. Move yourself to where you have a larger base of communication to the world around you.

hr   Pisces

You can be too mutable, flexible, and adaptable to what others may think, say, and do, but there is a transformation going on in your Life now. The world is full of change today, both good and bad. You are good at changing and taking advantage of things. Be open to the changes that are before you.