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Soft Glam Deluxe Trio
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$65.00 $92 Value
Three everyday to night must-haves that create effortlessly gorgeous, soft glam looks for eyes and brows.

Perfect Brow Pencil
Add a Brush for $10
Traditional eyebrow pencil with powder-like formula.

Clear Brow Gel
Add a Brush for $10
Lightweight, clear eyebrow gel to set brow color and shape.

Brow Grooming Kit
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$44.00 $72.50 Value
3 must-have tools for expertly groomed brows. Every time.

Add a Brush for $10
Highly pigmented, waterproof eyebrow gel.

$29.00 $45.00 Value
Detail duo to create natural-looking, dimensional brows

$10 all makeup brushes $10 all makeup brushes

Tinted Brow Gel
Add a Brush for $10
Lightweight, full-pigment tinted eyebrow gel to set brows.

Precision Tweezers
Add a Brush for $10
Salon-quality slant-tip, stainless-steel tweezers.

Highlighting Duo Pencil
Add a Brush for $10
Dual-sided highlighting and defining eyebrow pencil.

Pro Pencil
Add a Brush for $10
Full-coverage highlighting and concealing eyebrow pencil.

$29.00 $53 Value
Create long-lasting feathered brows with these everyday ABH staples.

Clear Favorites Kit
Add a Brush for $10
$22.00 $31 Value
The essential Clear Brow Gel duo for perfectly set brows at home and on the go. Apply easy-to-use gel through the brow using short, upward motions.

Learn More About Brows

Discover the best eyebrow makeup in the industry. Our brow makeup lineup has everything you need to create your ideal brow from start to finish—just prime, fill, detail, highlight and set. No matter your eyebrow shape, size or style, we’ve got your covered. Explore our full assortment of top-rated eyebrow products, and we’ll show you how to create your favorite brow looks. Craft everything from effortless, natural-looking brows to dramatically defined brow looks. Try our Brow Quiz and we’ll reveal your recommended products and shades in just a few clicks! Choose your preferred formula for achieving the perfect brow fill. Our cult-favorite eyebrow fillers Brow Powder Duo, Perfect Brow Pencil, Brow Definer, DIPBROW® Pomade and DIPBROW® Gel make it easy to apply a seamless brow color application on brows that have everything from sparse hair to full hair. Pair with our essential eyebrow brushes Brush 7B, Brush 12 or Brush 14. Create natural-looking detail using our award-winning eyebrow detailer Brow Wiz®. Or, quickly create hairlike strokes throughout the brow using our versatile Brow Definer or DIPBROW® Pomade. All of our formulas deliver high color payoff and buildable coverage, so you can apply and blend with confidence like a total pro. Highlight to give brows a natural lifted effect. Simply apply our eyebrow pencils Highlighting Duo Pencil or Pro Pencil along the brow bone and blend with Brush 20. Then, set your brow look in place for all-day wear using our lightweight eyebrow gels : use Clear Brow Gel for a colorless finish and Tinted Brow Gel for a multidimensional finish. Keep beautiful brows well maintained using our pro-quality eyebrow tools, like our patented Stencils and salon-tested Precision Tweezers, Scissors and Sharpener. Use these Anastasia-approved tools to perfect your brow shape and achieve precise grooming. Ready to take your ABH makeup look to the next level? Check out our assortment of must-have eye makeup , including colorful eyeshadows, fan-favorite eyeshadow palettes, False Lashes, eyeliners and so much more.

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