Earlier this month, Anastasia took to Shanghai for an unforgettable day spent with the most innovative, adventurous, and talented beauty influencers in the city. Special guests were treated to brow demonstrations, a Q&A, and a sit down dinner with Anastasia at the Waldorf Astoria. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos from the event!

“I was so impressed with the whole group of them, their laser-focused interest in makeup, in the particularities of how to do eyebrows, their responsiveness to the products.”

They wanted to know ‘all my secrets’ - the key to achieving success. And my note to them was that they are so lucky to live in a country where they know the language. That they can pursue their dream in their own country, a country with so many possibilities. They have their families at their side; their foundation is already built and ready for launch. I know each and every one of them is already poised and ready to make their own success”

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