What is the ABH grant initiative?

Anastasia Beverly Hills pledged 1 million dollars in June dollars towards the fight against social injustice. We vowed to remain constant and vocal supporters of equality, and we vowed to use our platform and our privilege to amplify the voices of marginalized groups that deserve to be heard.

How will the money be allocated?

We began with a combined donation of $100,000 to The Innocence Project, The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Black Visions Collective, The Marshall Project, and Black Lives Matter. The remainder of the funds across three important categories: mental health (250k), social initiatives (200k), and support for Black-owned businesses (450k).

Who is eligible to apply for a business grant?

The ABH grant initiative is open to applicants at least 18 years of age who identify as Black or African American. Applicants must be the owner of an established U.S.-based business, though businesses from all industries are free to apply; not just beauty. For more details on eligibility, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.


When will video submissions open?

Video submissions will be open ‪August 8th and close ‪on August 18th at 9:00 PM PT.‬‬‬‬

How do I submit a video?

On the submission page by uploading a file from your phone or your computer. Here’s How to Submit a Successful Video

What are the video requirements?

Videos cannot exceed two minutes in length. Both landscape and portrait formats are supported.

Does my video have to be professionally edited?

Not at all! Don’t stress about the production value. All we ask is that the video be well lit and for you to speak clearly. You can even shoot it on your phone!

What should I say or include?

We want to hear your story. This can include the history of founding your business, what inspires you, what you’re passionate about, or what change you want to enact. There are no set parameters.

Can I submit more than one video?

There’s a one video limit per business.

What happens next?

Videos will be reviewed by a diverse, cross-industry committee. Applicants selected to move onto the next round will receive an email on September 15th inviting them to fill out a digital form application.


How will I receive the form application?

You will receive a link by email if chosen to move on in the process. Applicants who haven’t first completed the video will not be considered.

When will applications be open for submission?

Applications will open September 15th and close September 30th at 9:00 PM PT.

What are the grant amounts I can apply to receive?

You can apply for a grant in the following amounts: 10K-20K, 20K-30K, 30K-40K or 40K-50K

Are there any requirements for how the grant money should be used?

Nope! We ask how you plan to use the grant money, but there are no requirements.

What should I expect from mentorship opportunities?

All grant recipients are eligible to receive business development mentorship through the brand and members of the committee. Please let us know your interests (e.g., marketing, sales, social media) in the application so that we can best match you with available opportunities.

Are there any other perks to being selected as a grant recipient?

Yes! Wells Fargo will provide opportunities to work with a business banker. They have generously agreed to provide bank accounts to our award winners, financial literacy coaching for employees, and an in-branch business banker available for financial guidance.

What is the extra documentation I will need to provide?

You may be asked to provide financial statements, W2’s, and other supporting documentation. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

If I’m not interested in public social media coverage or press, will I still be considered?

Absolutely. Comfort with social media is not needed for eligibility.

Can I save my application and come back to it later?

Unfortunately, responses cannot be saved. We recommend reviewing the questions in advance and finalizing your answers first in a separate document. Please save a copy for your personal records.

Will I receive confirmation that my application has been received?

Once you submit your responses, you’ll see a pop up that says, “you’re all set!” No email confirmation will be sent.

Can I edit my responses after they have been submitted?

All responses, once submitted, are final. Please review and make any necessary edits prior to hitting ‘submit.’

Who is reviewing my application?

The same committee who reviewed the initial video submissions will also be reviewing the form applications. Click here for an introduction to its members.

What is the committee looking for in applicants?

Applications will be evaluated on a brand’s overall message, what sets it apart, and the impact it’s had on the community. We will especially be looking for a thoughtfully presented plan on how the money would benefit your business.

When and how will recipients be notified?

Recipients will be notified by phone or by email on October 27th, 2020.

How many grants will be awarded?

ABH has allocated $450,000 total for the business grant initiative, and the exact number of recipients will vary depending on the asks and needs of the most qualified candidates.

Does the grant money have to be paid back?

No, recipients will not be asked to pay back the grant money.

Who do I contact with questions about my application or the application process?

Please email info@anastasiabeverlyhills with any questions.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

You can find out full Terms & Conditions here.