March Horoscope

March Horoscopes


March Horoscopes from Anastasia's own resident astrologist, Patrick Lewis, are in! Read on to see what the month has in store for you.




It’s time to go to work on important projects that are before you. It's a period to move your life ahead and begin to apply your mental wisdom to your goals. No hesitation, no waiting for things to develop, just go, go, and go! There is a retrograde Mercury so be sure to stop and think before you act upon anything important. But Aries, people are moving ahead now, and it is your time to be noticed and heard.





APRIL 20 - MAY 21

Saturn (Karma) is in Capricorn, which makes this a lucky time of the year for you. Also, it is time to plan for great changes in your life that will begin in August and September of this year. You've been on hold, but this month you must focus upon yourself and get more of what you want out of your Life. Get organized, plan now, and get ready for great changes in the fall.




MAY 21 - JUNE 21

You always love to talk and communicate with the world around you; it is for what you are most recognized. For you, it is time to listen to the wisdom of your inner self, especially listening to what you are feeling now. When you act upon what you are thinking, you are successful and always happy. Take a deep breath, focus upon yourself, and then move your life higher in the sky of success.






JUNE 21 - JULY 23

Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother of the Universe. Man or women, you are a caretaker. You make sure all things are safe and secure around you. Your intuition tells you everything, and you need to focus within yourself and make deep inner commitments in order to bring more harmony into your family and into your inner circle of life.







Leo is the Sign of winning and action. They can't stand losing or moving their lives backwards. Time to pay attention to all that you have started and created since the first of the year. Check things out; make sure everything is in order and that you are on the right track. This year is one of great changes everywhere, and you are certainly part of those changes. You are one powerful person when you are on the go, and your life is then most in balance.







Balance and order are the keys to your life. This is the year to make the world around you correct and right. Virgo's are right 90% of the time, they are always saying to others, ‘I told you so!’ This month is the beginning of the Vernal Equinox, or the beginning of new year through the Zodiac. The world around you depends upon your wisdom and the way you make things work. Put things in order, apply yourself to what you want, and then enjoy the world around you.







You are such a positive and assertive person, and most people like what you think, say and do. This month, focus more upon yourself rather then upon what others think, say, and do. When you become more selfish, you have more money, power, and time to affect the people around you — which is good! This is a month to achieve your goals. You are a person who shares your life with everything around you. A month for you to become more ‘self-centered’ and ‘selfish’ is what you need.





Your power is the ability to make sure everything in your life and everything around you is safe and secure. You love it when you have things under control and everything is going your way. Time to take that control you crave and bring everything and everyone around you into harmony. Once you do this, things will begin to move your way.




This is your lucky month! Jupiter, fortune, is in your Sign and affecting everything that you do today. Take every advantage that come before, don't stop anything that is moving forward in your Life. Go with the flow as you see your projects increase, expand and grow. You are looking better every day this year, so focus upon your goals, and then allow your luck to move with your determination.  




Saturn, the ruler of your horoscope, is in your sign, affecting your ambition and every aspect of your life. Make a plan, think it through, and then move your life to a higher level of success. When things are in order, you always become successful in whatever you are doing. Your negative is: no action means no movement and no success. This is the month to move your intentions into action. 







You are an independent thinker, unique in almost everything you do! Think of new ways to change the world around you, then take action and change your world. When you speak and move into action, the whole world around you watches and listens. Time to speak, time to act, and time to accomplish your ends. But Aquarius people tend to talk too much, and then act too little. Speak your word, but then be sure to move everything around you.







You are always mutable, flexible, and adaptable to the world around you. You are one of the most creative signs in the sky. Concentrate more upon your creative side instead of your adaptable side. Be more self-determined and self-centered, and have a greater impact on the world around you. This year and particularly this month is the time for you to begin to have a major impact upon the universe.