Anastasia Answers: Makeup Tips


Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Tips

In this edition of Anastasia Answers, we’ll take a look at some of her favorite tried-and-true makeup tips. Read on to discover her suggestions for visually enlarging eyes, how and when to use shimmery shadows, and the best way to conceal dark circles.

Q: How can we visually enlarge eyes? 

A: One of the most effective ways to give the illusion of wider eyes is to use a cream-colored pencil (never use white, as it looks too obvious!) in the waterline. Pro Pencil is perfect for that. Then, make sure you use a matte eyeshadow, either dark brown or dark grey, at the very base of your lower lashes to outline the eyes. The finishing touch will be 2-3 coats of mascara both on the upper and lower lashes, to properly open up the eyes. The contrast between the light color inside the eyes and the dark smoky eyeshadow will give the illusion of wide set eyes.

Q: How to properly use the brightener around your eyes?

A: Highlighter can always be used following the 3-point rule: in the inner corner, right under the brows focusing on the arch area, and on the cheekbones. These are the spots you want the light to hit.

Q: When we use shimmery shadows, what part of the eye should we apply them to? 

A: This depends on the eye shape: in most cases, it is always best to apply shimmer eyeshadows to the mobile lid. The only exception is for hooded eyes, when we use mostly matte eyeshadows. Also, metallic and shimmers look very beautiful when applied along the lower lashes, but this is something we may want to avoid when lines start to appear in that area. Another creative way of using sparkly textures is on top of the eyeliner, for a more graphic look.

Q: How can we delete circles under the eyes? Visually?

A:Concealer is a great thing to have in our makeup bags, but many times it is not enough. When circles under the eyes are quite dark, what we really need is a color corrector in a peachy shade. The saturation of the color corrector is adapted according to our skin tone, as this product can go from a light peach for fair skin up to a bright orange for dark skin. We dab it, blend it using a makeup sponge and then we apply concealer on top of it, to have everything look as natural and close to our skin color as possible.

Q: Do you have any tips concerning eye makeup?

A:I have a lot of them, it really depends on the eyes as every makeover is personalized. A great trick is to use color theory and to choose eyeshadows in complementary colors to the iris: for blue eyes, anything peach or ochre will look amazing, for example Incense and Eccentric eyeshadows from the Norvina palette. For green eyes, I love using shadows like Red Ochre and Venetian Red (from the Modern Renaissance palette), Sienna, Rustic and Mulberry (from the Soft Glam palette). Brown and black eyes are the most fortunate as they can wear absolutely any shade from the color wheel.

Q: What are the trends in eye makeup you’ve been seeing this year?

A:I think Instagram has helped transform makeup into a work of art, therefore trends became obsolete. Everybody is doing their own thing and creativity is so abundant that it really comes down to expressing your own style through fashion and makeup, now more than ever!