GET TO KNOW THE ABH TOOLS: Tweezers + Brow Scissors

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tools- Brow Scissors and Tweezers

ABH doesn’t just create any tool. They create the tool, designed specifically to work with its corresponding product to give you the best possible performance and outcome.

In this series, you’ll hear directly from Anastasia a few lesser known facts that are behind the design process of some of your ABH favorites.




“What makes a good tweezer is the quality of the steel, the way the prongs bounce back, and — most importantly — it’s the edge of the blade.

It always needs to be slanted. When tweezing, you have to rest your hand on your face for stability and precision. Since the brow bone is curved, if the blade is straight, you won’t be able to get the angle you need.

The edge of the blade also needs to be super thin. So thin, it can only be done by hand.

Most people don’t know that every pair of ABH tweezers is made by hand in Italy. I interviewed over 200 manufacturers when I first started, visiting ones in Germany and Switzerland before deciding on a small, family-run operation in Italy. The owner and I sat down together to walk through the process, and to this day, they’re the ones who sharpen our tweezers to the desired thinness.

If the tip of the blade is ever too thick, you run the risk of pulling the hair too high and far away from the skin, potentially breaking the hair and causing unnecessary discomfort.” 





“Our scissors are designed just as carefully. These aren’t the same scissors that can be found at a drug store, and you never want to try to use manicure scissors on your brows.

The first important aspect of the design is the length of the blade. You need to be able to see what you’re doing and have the two vectors cut together, rather than one blade moving to meet its more stationary mate.


As with the tweezers, the blades of our scissors are incredibly thin. When you brush up your brows and hold the hair in place, the thin blade will let you trim exactly what you need. When it comes to brows, even 1-2mm cut incorrectly can make a world of difference, leaving you with hair too long in an area or so short that you’re left with an exposed patch.

It’s always important to have a steady hand — and the right tools.”