Anastasia Agenda: Forbes Women’s Summit



Last week in NYC, Anastasia made a speaking appearance at the Forbes Women’s Summit: a two day meeting of today’s most transformative minds, those who are “redefining pathways to power and taking bold ideas to the front lines to solve for the most pressing challenges of our time.” The summit is a reminder on how women, across generations, borders, and industries, are impacting the world in powerful ways. 

Anastasia sat down with moderator Luisa Kroll from Forbes and with Shan-Lyn Ma, founder of Zola, to discuss what it means to spearhead unicorn companies — those that, against the odds, have scaled into juggernauts in their respective fields. In front of a packed house, the women answered questions about disrupting industry, taking risks in business, and what it’s like being an immigrant entrepreneur. 

Go behind the scenes of the event below.






“Basically, I started this category in the beauty industry, and I hope 100 years from now, people will remember me as the person who invented eyebrows.”